We love radio at team A – analog or digital, talk or music. Los Angeles based non-profit dublab is certainly one of our favorites. Much to our delight, they asked us to work with them to design the next iteration of their site and help them streamline the dublab experience.

dublab produces an astonishing amount of content: live radio shows, videos, art shows and hundreds of events throughout the world. One of the primary goals of our design was to take the existing site structure, workflow and look and simplify it. The previous versions of dublab.com were not user friendly (or not ‘mom’ friendly as the gentlemen at dublab put it). They were built for users that had a high level of technical knowhow and quite a bit of patience – great for DJ’s, hard for everyone else. An in depth survey of dublab users reflected this concern – users were constantly losing track of content they liked and having a hard time getting their favorite content to their social circle.

We considered their information architecture at length and dramatically simplified their main navigation and header. dublab had already half-heartedly been using an icon system for their navigation – we established a clear system, rebuilt the icons and used them as signage. Each post is given an icon and a color according to it’s focus: music, visual arts, information and events or dublab specific news. Now users can quickly scan the site and find what they want.

Some highlights:

  • The dubstream section of the site, which shows what is currently on air is now a simple grid of images so listeners can get to the playlist quickly and easily.
  • The main blog layout is less cluttered, but keeps the audio players easily accessible – best of both worlds.
  • There is now a live video widget on the home page, no need for temporary posts for live events.
  • Featured content slider for multiple areas: the blog, video posts and new music posts.

There’s quite a bit to discover at dublab.com , go take a listen.

We’ll be writing a case study covering the decisions we made in detail – stay tuned.