Collaborative Nature

Christine Hill had to teach us a bit about the world of collaboration before we could begin work on her website and branding. This was a perfect way to begin working together, as one of the primary needs of her site is educating people about collaboration and how to use it in their professional life.

Christine wanted to emphasize that collaboration can be a natural and simple process. We opted for earth tones, large images of nature and clean simple navigation for her site. The site needed to feel welcoming and encourage potential clients to reach out to Christine for more information.

Christine wanted to be able to add a number of different types of information to the site – case studies about collaborative projects, testimonials from clients, work partners – in addition to being able to tune the site text as needed. Drupal was a perfect fit for this . We were able to create multiple, unique, content types for her to add and create a site that can grow and change as needed.

Collaborative Nature has not launched officially launched yet.